Plan with Us


Whether it is a breakfast on-the-run for 30 people or a sumptuous banquet for 3000, a formal lunch or post-seminar tea, a wedding or glamorous celebrity party – we take pride in delivering the right selection of gastronomic delights to accommodate every palate.

The Shah Alam Convention Centre is widely recognized for the top notch and excellent food and beverages. Our award winning and highly experienced chefs create brilliant epicurean delights designed to thrill your taste buds.


We believe that you deserve the best in catering no matter where your event may be. Our team of culinary experts will be happy to attend to your gourmet wishes, and rest assured that our excellent catering team will be there on-time.


We offer a variety of delicious buffet packages for you to break your fast with during the holy month of Ramadan. You can choose from our mouthwatering buffet session or have your own private Iftar session with specially-made dishes made to order.


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